Maintenance & Repair

Quick Step is incredibly resistant to day to day wear and tear and is both easy and cost efficient to maintain properly. The following maintenance guidelines will help to ensure that your Quick Step floor always looks its’ very best.

Ensure that your floor is kept clean and free of grit or small stones. Use a vacuum cleaner (bristles down) or a soft bristled broom to keep your floor clean.


Streak-free cleaning, week after week for standard laminate ranges

Weekly cleaning: dry

We recommend the Quick-Step microfibre cloth for regular maintenance. This mop is designed for dry and slightly damp use. The special fibres have a high dirt-absorption capacity. They can clean the dirt away easily.

Monthly cleaning: slightly damp

We advise you to clean your floor 1 to 2 times per month. Use water sparingly. Cleaning too often or using too much water is unnecessary and could even permanently damage your floor. It is extremely important that surplus fluid is not left standing on the floor in any circumstances. We recommend to use the Quick-Step microfibre cloth and the Quick-Step Clean 750 ml as a cleaning product. These products also give off a pleasant fragrance throughout your home.

Damp cleaning for Quick-Step laminate floors with Hydroseal technology

Quick-Step floors with HydroSeal technology have a waterproof surface and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. Cleaning these floors with a wet cloth is allowed. We recommend following the cleaning instructions above.

In general, steam mop cleaning is allowed with Quick-Step Impressive (Ultra) and Majestic floors. Please use the steam mop at low power and with an appropriate cloth for even distribution of the heat and steam. Check the steam mop manufacturer’s instructions for detailed info.
Steam cleaners are not suitable for the Eligna, Colonial Plus, Largo or Classic range.

Cleaning instructions

  • Add 2 bottle caps to a bucket of water (10L).
  • Soak the mop or floor cloth in this solution and wring out thoroughly.
  • Always pull the Quick-Step mop back towards you and make a zigzag movement across the floor.
  • Wipe in the lengthways direction of the panels.
  • Distribute the moisture evenly across the floor.
  • Never pour the bucket of water across the floor.
  • Always wipe dry with a microfibre cloth until no more moisture is visible on the floor.
  • Gradually work your way over individual areas of approximately 15-20m2.
  • Make sure to wipe dry any excess water or moisture after cleaning.

Protecting your floor

In addition, we recommend the use of dirt trapping mats at external entrances and felt floor pads under all moving fixtures. It is also a good idea to place vinyl chair mats under desks where castor wheels are used in an office environment. Either that or ensure your office chairs are fitted with “soft wheels”. Put simply, an ounce of prevention will help to keep your floor looking its’ best all the time!

Quick-Step Repair Kit

Recreate the colour of slightly damaged planks quickly and easily with 7 wax pieces selected to cover all Quick-Step floor colours.

Quick-Step maintenance guide

Click here to download the Quick-Step maintenance guide