Roman Blinds

The TWC Roman Blind offers a modern, contemporary design to complement any interior. Our Roman Blind offers a smooth premium chain drive system, with increased load capacity, and a spline fabric attachment reducing light gaps.

Available in a range of light filtering and blockout fabrics, designed for performance and longevity, makes the TWC Roman Blind the perfect choice for most window types in either commercial or residential application.

Available Fabrics

Matrix BO
Balmoral BO | LF
Gala BO
Metroshade BO | LF
Kew BO
Tusk LF
Barbados BO
Serengetti BO | LF
Positano BO
Sanctuary BO
Rollease Acmeda SS38 chain drive.
Width 600mm minimum – 3000mm maximum.
Drop 900mm minimum – 3000mm maximum.
Plastic cleats are standard.
Chain Drive
Planetary drive for reduced lifting effort.
Nickel Plated Steel.
Aluminium Headrail
Low profile mounting clip and headrail 43mm x 44mm.
Spring loaded mounting clip and headrail 41mm x 44mm.
Head Rail Colours
Standard Features
Sewn pockets and without side hems.
Punched Eyelets, with rear PVC rod in every non-eyelet pocket.
Bracket Colour
SS38 Universal mounting clip in White.
Press formed Steel, pre-treated and powder coated.
Panel Spacing
Even panel spacing comes as standard and eliminates the secondary fold in the 2nd last panel.
Line Up
If you have blinds in the same room or side by side, you MUST SPECIFY on your order “BLINDS TO LINE UP” to ensure all panels are made even, regardless of drop, however the bottom panel may vary.
To accommodate the fabric settling in the drop, please refer to pricing guide for deductions. These deductions are to be used as a guide only.
Chain Drives
Mounted on timber headrail:
Sizes available: 40mm, 70mm, 90mm and 120mm surcharge applies.
(Please refer to pricing guide for additional charge).
All motorised Romans come standard on a 90mm timber headboard. Please refer to motorisation page in Roman pricing guide.
Sewn Side Hems
No charge. Available only on sewn in pocket Romans.
Maximum Stack Size
If you have an inward opening door and you are fitting the blinds above you need to measure the available space, then subtract 30mm, this becomes your order size/maximum stack.
Specific Panel Sizes
Matching existing blinds please refer pricing guide.
Control Chain
Plastic – No additional charge.
Stainless Steel – Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charge).
Brass/Chrome – Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charges).
Brass/Chrome – Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charges).
Cord Lock
Swivel Cord Lock or Deluxe Cord Lock – Surcharge applies (please refer to pricing guide for additional charges).
Aluminium Back Batten
Slide on back battens are used instead of sewn pockets and punched eyelets. This eliminates needle holes in blockout fabrics. Aluminium back batten blinds are made without side hems. Surcharge applies. Battens only available in Off White.(Please refer to pricing guide for additional charges).