mixture of Tasmanian native species.

Tasmanian Oak can be used in all forms of construction as scantlings, panelling and flooring, and can be glue-laminated to cover long spans. Veneers, plywood and engineered products are also available. It is also a popular furniture timber, and eucalypt fibre is sought after for reconstituted board and production of high quality paper. As the tallest flowering plant in the world, E. regnans grow up to 100m. E. delegatensis and E. obliqua do not reach these heights, reaching about 70m with the tallest trees achieving 90m.As a floor product Tasmanian Oak is all quarter sawn to give it a straight even grain and is a light blonde colour worth soft straw brown tones and at times a light pinkish tinge.

Heartwood class 3-4 above ground, Not Termite resistant and Janka hardness of 5.5