Prestige Oak

If you love the look of fine oak flooring then Prestige Oak Flooring is the natural choice. Sharing the unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oaks with durability and strength. Prestige Oak Flooring is the preferred choice of leading architects and designers.

Stunning extra wide planks with exceptional decorator colours to compliment any interior, and with a scratch resistant finish and limited lifetime structural warranty, Prestige Oak Flooring ensures lifetime enjoyment.

15mm Range

This timeless European Oak has an authentic appeal to compliment any interior with its exceptional and contemporary décors. Multi-layer backing for stability ensures this quality oak flooring is as durable as it gets. Sharing unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oak flooring, it is the preferred choice by leading architects and designers. Available in 190mm W x 1900mm L, 4mm wear layer.

The details and the beauty

The unique specifications of Prestige Oak Flooring make it ideal throughout the home with the exception of wet areas such as bathrooms, WC’s & laundries. Available in beautiful décors to compliment any interiors, with exceptional durability.

• Engineered Timber manufactured from genuine European Oak.

• Easy care and maintenance, allergy free.

• 7 layers of UV-cured wear resistant Premium German Klumpp Polyurethane coating.

• Superior matt coating, light wire brush surface, timeless look.

• Variation in specific colours will include: gum veins, black streaking, tiger marks, knots and colour toning.

This is the natural beauty of European Oak’s character.

• VOC Emissions: <E1, 0.02 mg/m. below World Health Organisation Level.

• ‘CE’ label is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the European conformity code.

• Warranty: Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and 20 years domestic Finish Warranty.

Engineered for quality

Creating a timber floor that shows character starts with an emphasis on the right details and the right process. Our Prestige Oak Flooring collections are engineered for the highest quality, endurance, durability and flexibility. These extra wide and long boards are available in 4mm or 6mm top wear layer on a multiple timber ply substrate in which the grains are designed to run perpendicular to each other, making it near impossible to swell or shrink, providing ultimate stability.

• 21mm Range: 2200mm long x 220mm wide, 6mm top wear layer.
• Tongue and Groove profile can be installed as either direct stick or floated by a professional installer and is the preferred choice creating a silent and    comfortable outcome.

• Including <25% random short boards in each box.

• Product Grade is ABCD.

• Janka Hardness Rating of 6.6 kN.

• Moisture Content: 8-10%.

• Density: 0.75g/cm2.

Pre-finished solid and engineered timber stair nosing available in matching colours for both 15mm and 21mm range. Please check for availability.

Avola Natural

Castle Grey


Dark Brown



Heritage Grey

Hex Grey

Iron Grey










White Sands

21mm Range

This collection is made from only the finest French Oak and is a revolution in conventional design, producing superior stability and durability, a true masterpiece in the eyes of architects and designers alike. With modern and industrial décors, this stunning range brings out the beauty of natural characteristics and colour variations. Available in 220mm W x 2200mm L, 6mm wear layer.

Spotted Gum – Brushed Matte, 0.6mm Click
Size: 1860x136x12/0.6mm, Sqm: 1.771, Ctns/Pallet: 77

Spotted Gum – Smooth Matte, 3mm Click
Size: 1860x189x14/3.0mm, Sqm: 2.109, Ctns/Pallet: 55

Spotted Gum – Smooth Semi-Gloss, 0.6mm Click
Size:1860x136x12/0.6mm, Sqm: 1.771, Ctns/Pallet: 77

Spotted Gum Herringbone – Brushed Matte, 3mm TG
Size: 430x86x14/3.0mm, Sqm: 0.666, Ctns/Pallet: 99

Spotted Gum Rustic – Brushed Matte, 3mm TG
Size: 1860x189x14/3.0mm, Sqm: 2.109, Ctns/Pallet: 55

Key Features

Extremely stable with excellent wear resistance, Spotted Gum is Janka 11kN and Blackbutt at 9.1 kN.


Genuine Australian Eucalyptus wear layers over a stable Plywood structural core.


Long Planks & Herringbone are Standard & better, will display natural characteristics such as knots, filled voids and gum vein. Slight checking in wear layer is acceptable. Rustic grade displays all that is unique about our wonderful Australian Hardwoods with knots and dark resin filled splits, pinhole and contrasting colour tones, along with spiral grain & fine saw marks for that enhanced rustic appearance.

Coating & Surface

PU Semi-gloss, approx. 40% gloss level for smooth face. PU Matte, approx., 10% gloss level in both brushed and smooth face matte.


Patented Uniclic format for floating or direct fix installation. Herringbone & Rustic are Tongue & Groove only. All profiles are Micro Bevelled edges, 4 sides. Cartons: Long plank contain nested combination shorts.

Slip Resistance

AS/NZS 2013 R9 & P2 for Semi-Gloss, R10 & P3 for Matte. VOC Emissions :< E1 (Below World Health Organisation Levels).

An extensive range of trims, coloured scotia and stair nosing are available, please check for availability.

Aged Oak

Black Fox

Bleached Driftwood





Derby Brown

Dover Grey

French Brown


Grey Mist



Mink Grey






White Wash