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Swish laminate aqua flooring is the perfect flooring product for moisture-laden areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s moisture resistant, but also slippery resistant, making it safe to walk on when wet.

Swish laminate Aqua range is produced from natural sustainable raw HDF wood fibre materials. There is a 25 years guarantee on this flooring, which shows high confidence in its quality.

Swish Aqua Laminate flooring line: Technical Specifications

  • Type: Laminate flooring
  • Thickness: 12.3mm
  • Width: 196mm
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Edging: Micro-Bevelled Edge
  • Profile: Valinge lock
  • Installation Method: Floating, glue less on top of underlay
  • Pack Size: 2.16 m2
  • Pack weight: 23 kg
  • Boards per pack:5
  • VOC Rating: <E1
  • Construction: Aqua Wud core

Applications: For use in interior areas of private homes and commercial establishments

Warranty: 25 years for private use use in accordance with the Swish laminate warranty terms

What is Swish laminate aqua? 

This is a range of stylish laminate flooring that is to mimic natural looking decors and Australian species designs. Swish Aqua laminate is made with an eye for beauty. It is an aesthetically pleasing flooring that has been made to the highest quality. It is not only warm and aesthetic but also super and tough enough to resist scratches.

What sets it apart from the rest?

Swish laminate aqua range is a notch above the rest of laminate flooring competing products. Here are a few reasons why it stands a cut above the rest.

•    Aqua core – Swish laminate Aqua features a super low swelling HDF wood core. This makes it possible to lay the boards across room 32 meters without expansion gaps in the middle. This is a huge plus if you are flooring a large space. The floor maintains a more uniform look.

•    Easy installation- This flooring feature the world’s best click lock systems. This locking technology makes it easier and faster to install the flooring. No glues or nails are required. It is possible to install this flooring without heavy duty tools. Your hand’s fingertips are enough for most of the work

•    Natural touch surface- Swish laminate aqua range also strongly resembles natural Australian wood species. The patterns are embossed for a registered real wood feel.

•    Water resistant- This flooring will withstand normal household spills up to 48 hours.

•    Super tough scratch resistance- The surface has an AC5 rating. It also impacts resistant meaning items can be dropped on it without denting or chipping.

•    Effortless cleaning- Swish laminate aqua flooring can be cleaned quickly. It is safe to clean with soap and water

•    Low maintenance and hard wearing – It does not require sanding or staining like natural wood. The resistant surface makes this flooring suitable even for high foot traffic areas. The floor is also stain resistant making it maintain its looks even in a household with children and pets.

•    Non-fading –   This flooring will not require painting or staining as the covering coat does not fade easily.

•    Flame resistant – This is safer to build with especially for a residential house