Why choose Quick-Step laminate?


The top layer of a Quick•Step® laminate floor has an extra protective layer, so you can enjoy your beautiful, natural looking floor for even longer. Thanks to this Scratch Guard Technology, which is the result of years of research and investment in the field of durability, Quick•Step® floors are up to ten times more scratch resistant than floors without Scratch Guard.


Use the revolutionary and patented Uniclic® or Uniclic® Multifit system to effortlessly click the planks together.
Both systems are very easy to use, a lot faster and a lot more solid than other systems. Installation becomes a breeze, even in the smallest corners of the room.

Antistatic surface

An end to annoying electrostatic discharges.

Every Quick•Step® floor has been given a unique, permanent anti-static treatment. As a result, your floor will attract significantly less dust. This technology has been patented by Quick•Step®.

Quality down to the smallest fibre

To make sure you can enjoy your Quick•Step® floor for many years, we commit ourselves to deliver uncompromised quality, from the raw material to the finished product. We combine our expertise and commitment to obtain perfect quality which will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Hygiene surface

Easy to maintain – You won’t have many concerns about the maintenance of your Quick•Step® floor, as the sealed surface prevents bacteria accumulating on the floor. This is a great way to prevent allergies


A wealth of options – if you want to improve the value, comfort and atmosphere of your home, laminate flooring is an excellent choice. due to our wealth of colours and styles, you will always find the perfect companion for your interior.

Suitable for floor heating and cooling

Select the right underlay and install your floating Quick•Step® floor. This way, you can enjoy floor heating and cooling without any worries.

Light and sun resistant

You can easily change the organisation of the room. Light and sun will not affect the colour of your floor, even after a long time.

A heart for nature

With Quick•Step® you are bringing an environmentally friendly floor into your home. The PEFC certification guarantees that all the wood used to manufacture our HDF core boards is sourced from sustainably managed forests. In addition, Quick•Step® also obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This internationally recognised certificate indicates the environmental performance of Quick•Step® laminate floors throughout their entire life cycle. Ongoing monitoring and improvements brought to its environmental impact see Quick•Step® actively and tirelessly contributing to a better living environment.