Why choose Quick-Step Hybrid

Waterproof surface

While every Hybrid flooring plank is waterproof, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid also delivers watertight joins. There is little value in a waterproof plank if the joining system allows water to access the sub-floor, causing mould to form. Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid features the industry’s best click system ‘Uniclic’ and is treated with our water-repellent technology to deliver a fully waterproof floor … core, surface and joins.


Pulse Hybrid needs to be seen up close to appreciate its impeccable design, feature-rich texture and trueness to nature qualities. Being the only Hybrid floor meticulously created in Belgium, Pulse Hybrid really stands out from the crowd with its’ genuine bevel edges and matching-embossed surface structure.


The Quick-Step R&D team have not only perfected the make-up of the Hybrid core, together with revolutionary Stain Guard, Scratch Guard and Hydroseal protective treatments, Pulse Hybrid promises optimal resistance to wear, scratches, dirt, scuff marks and stains.