Where not to install Quick-Step Timber

Timber Flooring should not be installed in any area where moisture is likely to be a problem. Areas including bathrooms should not be installed with Quick-Step Timber flooring, nor should sauna’s. In the instance of laundries, Timber should not be installed in laundries where clothes dryers add steam or vapour to the room (when dryers are ducted into wall cavities, Quick-Step Timber is generally fit to be installed). Laundries with in-floor waste drains should not be installed using Timber flooring as subfloor levels are usually outside the tolerances of the Timber Installation Instructions, needing to drain to the waste. Obviously, Timber flooring should not be installed in external areas.

Timber is perfectly fit for installation in kitchens as liquid spills in these areas are wiped up or dried off very quickly.

If you have any further questions as to whether Quick-Step Timber flooring is suitable in a particular area of your home or business, feel free to contact your Retailer or local Premium Floors Office for more information.