About Us

At Lux Flooring we are your premier destination for the supply and installation of Solid timber, Engineered, Bamboo, Laminate, Vinyl, Rug and Carpet flooring. With a wealth of experience in residential and commercial flooring, we pride ourselves on high-quality products and client service and we’re able to give you expert advice for all your flooring questions.

Choosing the right flooring is an important decision and one that you will live with for years. Your floor or carpet is the very foundation of your interior space and often sets the tone for how the room feels.

Creating the perfect space starts with the floor.

At the heart of our business is our key promise to you – to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for.

With so many elements to consider in your decorating project, we help you design your interior from the floor up. Our holistic approach ensures we support you in creating the perfect space for your lifestyle.

Embracing the latest product developments and styles, our new store layouts and interior decorating training for our team members, are just some of the many ways in which we are helping to support your decorating project.

It’s an exciting phase in the life of our business, as we continue to look for new and improved ways to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for.

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